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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Taking a good care for your flooring is definitely a must thing to do, especially if you are having hard wood floors in your home. It is because hardwood floors usually will need extra care and maintenance in order to keep the hardwood floor in a good condition and remain it's glossy shine like at the first time you bought it. That is why through this article we would like to give you the list of the best hardwood floor finish that you can get in order to take care the condition of your flooring. So, if you are interested in getting one or you are planning to do some refreshment to your hardwood floor make sure that you won't miss our article because we are going to give you some useful information's regarding the best hardwood floor finish in the market, so you can have the best options in your hand.

    The first product that we are going to introduce you as the best hardwood floor finish is none other than Glitza. Glitza is one of the best hardwood floor finish out there that is very good and come in a high quality. But even though Glitza is very good, this product is also very toxic. The biggest drawback of this product is only the toxic level, even though this product is definitely one of the best hardwood floor finish that you can get. The next best hardwood floor finish in our list is Bona Traffice. The Bona traffic is being recommended by many people in the industry as one of the best floor finishes out there. But as the result of the quality, the Bona Traffic come with quite significantly higher price tag than the other similar product in the market. This Bona Traffic come around $80 up to $100 per gallon, yes we know that this is not cheap, but if you are more concern about the quality and the price is not a problem for you, this product can be an ideal choice to pick.

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